Hello and welcome.

These are words which have most likely been used an immeasurable number of times.
However, they are the most fitting, as that is what I intend to do: send YOU warm greetings.
What you shall discover here will surely be up to you - you take only what you desire.

For life is only a series of experiences, is it not?

So what is this?

Thoughts. I have thoughts. I have many thoughts. As do you.
And all those around you. In the world, all hearts beat as one. One and the same. Yet what makes us differerent? The combination of our genes? The dreams to which we all chase upon? The strength and grind of coffee we have for breakfast? I don't know. And I wonder of all the things I don't know. But what I do know, is that we are made up of all the experiences we have had.  A cultivation of dreams, aspirations, expressions and ideas that have been shared before, but this time, it's my turn to pen the story, or in this case keyboard the story?


Literature. Of great importance or just humans trying to joke themselves into thinking they can avoid oblivion? Isn't that where we are heading anyway?


The power of music is something that has always been incredible. A melody, some lyrics and a few instruments, the combinations almost limitless.


This is space left for anything, because imagination is greater than knowledge... as said by someone, somewhere, once upon a time.

Ready to do something?